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Teach me, O Lord

to aim high
and not to be content with mediocrity;
to set my sights on noble goals;
to have a brave heart, a clear vision;
to prize the things that are worthwhile;

to always have the courage to choose what is right,
to despise what is petty,
to shun all selfishness,
to have a heart that is strong and brave,
pure and happy,
docile yet courageous!

So that under your guidance
and with your grace
I may always and in all things
have as my motto -

In Meliore Contende
Strive for Better Things

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The St Joseph's College Old Boys Union provides a wide range of merchandise ranging from clothing and caps to cufflinks and ties to various printed items.

All funds raised from the sale of Souvenirs and Merchandise go to the Bursary Fund.

Please choose the items you wish to purchase (don't forget to include a size when required) by completing the attached shopping cart. When you have made all your selections, please complete the name, address, contact and credit card details. Please then click on the “Print Your Order” button, sign the order form and fax it to the number on the form or post it into the Old Boys at the included address.

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To be part of the Joeys family is truly a gift for life!

The spirit of St Joseph's College is, undoubtedly, unique.

The college is a Catholic secondary day and boarding school for boys, with a rich mix of country, city and international students living and learning together.

Visitation and Welfare

"I had an experience recently whilst in St. George Hospital after some complex surgery. I had calls from my mates and other Old Boys and visits from old friends from my days at SJC. Believe me, to experience the good feeling you get from this being done to you, makes it all worthwhile."

We have set up a register of Old Boy volunteers from all over the country, (see the list below) who will visit or call on Old Boys. You can refer to our list or contact a volunteer who is nearby. Add your name and location to the list as we need Old Boys in your area too E.g. Blacktown, Tamworth, Armidale etc.

There are Old Boys who because of age or disability may be confined to their home or a nursing home and would love to have a visitor or a phone call. Even from someone they might not know shows concern for their wellbeing. You may not be aware how much these visits or calls can mean unless you have experienced it yourself, like I have. At times there is no family or the family are some distance away.

The feedback that I get from Old Boys and their families is " the pleasure that you bring to the Old Boy visited is immense".

We are all united by the same Joey's bond no matter the difference in age or circumstances. Join our list of volunteers and be part of the team.